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Privacy Policy on Message Exporter

Jul 29, 2021
We did not collect any data at all, the app did not transmit any data over internet, the app did not have any internet permission at all

Android app lib Dependencies Tree

May 10, 2018
On my company app, i noticed that the app is using two different Rxjava version (1 and 2) and of course i want to use the latest. So i am searching any code that are using the old version, but there are no import that using the old version, so it must be related with the library, and after googling it i found that i can be easily found using the gradle command:

InputAccessoryView on iOS 11

Dec 14, 2017
iOS 11 bring changes on how the inputAccessoryView and view that behind it, so UICollectionView or UITableView insets are automatically adjust to the inputAccessoryView height, so no need to add code to adjust it. iOS 11 now introduce Safe Area concept, this is needed to handle the iPhone X screen shape , and by default on the inputAccessoryView will be positioned on the bottom of the screen thus on iPhone X it will caused problem (it is positioned overlapping with the home indicator, and also outside the Safe Area) as shown in the image below :

Okbuck gradle 3 compatibility issue

Aug 4, 2017
When i am using okbuck to speed up my build time, the build is always failed and on the console it show: buck-out/gen/app/res_debug#resources-symlink-tree/res/values/styles.xml:4: error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name 'Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar'. first i think it have some issue with the Android AppCompat, and when i try to perform an installation it show error: unresolved reference: support import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity ^ well that mean i the appcompat dependency is not exist on the okbuck

Buck build system for iOS Tutorial

Jul 9, 2017
Buck is a build system created by facebook and it is also used by Uber and Airbnb to increase their productivity by speed up the Build Time. Installation 🔗Buck can be installed on mac using homebrew brew tap facebook/fb brew install buck Setup Buck for the ios app 🔗To use Buck for iOS put the .buckconfig and BUCK file in the ios root project, from the gist below (please note “Palmerah” is an Swift iOS project that using Buck, please adjust the folder name and file)

RecyclerView and layout_weight

Jun 24, 2017
During developing an Android app i try to implement a RecyclerView that use a LinearLayout, and each row of consist of a 2 TextView and i use the layout_weight property to distribute the position of each TextView. During testing somehow it couldn’t work as is intended, it wouldn’t obey the layout_weight and match_parent are not working, after googling and search on stackoverflow i found that we must and manually the layout params during ViewHolder creation as shown below (code are in kotlin):

Android O background services effect on REST Client App

May 17, 2017
When creating an Andrioid REST Client app i usually have a Android Service that consume the REST API and Store it on a Content Provider, this technique is coming from an Presentation on 2010 Google IO (see the video below) slides for the presentation https://dl.google.com/googleio/2010/android-developing-RESTful-android-apps.pdf On that presentation it say to there are 3 basic pattern for a REST client Use Service API Use Content Provider API Use Content Provider API & Sync Adapter Since on Android O if we call a Service via startService() it will throw a IllegalArgumentException which mean we cannot use the Service by use startService.

Android Nougat APK Installer

May 15, 2017
Android Nougat are now prohibited the usage the file scheme (file://) on sharing cross app (for intent), and now switch to use the FileProvider so now on Nougat we must use the content scheme (content://) that also enable an app to share anything on its internalDir to another app, as long as add Intent flags FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION That also mean the apk installer app of the android also use the content scheme, and that allowed an app to store an APK inside the internalDir and share it to the installer app via an intent.

Angular2 seed

Jul 10, 2016
Hi, i have created a seed project for angular2 it contain a component that call a service that perform a request to a json resource file. please check my angular2-seed repo on github please note that this is a my simplified version of the official angular2-quickstart project

Stack that i'm interested

Jul 10, 2016
I think in order to survive in the IT business we must always open to a new technology (programming language, stack, framework, lib, etc) and what i am currently interested is: Angular 2 a new approach to use component based rather than MVC, and also to use TypeScript i really rocks. Go still got my attention with the performance related story, the concurrency, and story from the startup that used it.