Why i have a lot of unused domains

Jul 10, 2016 14:08 · 179 words · 1 minute read startup

I have to admit that got seduced by the dreams of the startup.

The flow is always like this:

  • Suddenly have an (maybe) great idea,
  • then think about how it works (how the service / app will do)
  • how the UI look
  • etc.

But in the end i kinda too lazy to code it (a lot of excussed / no time / etc. Finaly i ended with many unused domain

Here are the list:

  • kulinr.com my first startup idea, to create an app for culinary suggestion, now the search feature is nearly the same with what foursquare have
  • culinr.com a mirror domain for kulinr.com
  • arjunalabs.com a domain for my freelance work, i haven’t yet release any app under this name
  • grabwife.com an idea to match making app, but to use a more personal way rather than post your foto to get a stalker
  • fotokecil.com idea of create your kids curated photo, with its own achievement
  • wayangkertas.com this is related with my idea to create a game that have 2D wayang in a 3D world (inspired by parappa the rapper)