Stack that i'm interested

Jul 10, 2016 14:19 · 175 words · 1 minute read Development

I think in order to survive in the IT business we must always open to a new technology (programming language, stack, framework, lib, etc)

and what i am currently interested is:

  • Angular 2 a new approach to use component based rather than MVC, and also to use TypeScript i really rocks.
  • Go still got my attention with the performance related story, the concurrency, and story from the startup that used it.
  • RxJava a library to manage the streams of data/event asynchronously, at first i got interested about it implementation in Android platform with the RxAndroid lib.
  • C well i have to admit my interest with this programming language is driven by lack of Operating System knowledge

and my next target to learn is:

  • CockroachDB, their idea of scaling a db, and make it survivable is very good, basically they provide a simple way to make a cluster db.

Unfortunately i haven’t yet involved in a project that use the above (list current/next target to learn), need to spare some time to learn about it then.